Who are the Colts current members?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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If you go to the following web site you will see the Current Roster of the Colts:

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Q: Who are the Colts current members?
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Are the Colts the current Super Bowl champions?


What is the name of the current center for the Indianapolis Colts?

Jeff Saturday

Where did the Indianapolis Colts get there name from?

They were originally called the Baltimore Colts until they moved to Indianapolis and got their current name. For more on the Colts, be sure to like Sports Media 101 on facebook!

What offensive lineman wears 76 on the current roster of the colts?

Daniel Federkeil

What offensive lineman wears 76 on the current colts' roster?

Daniel Federkeil

Colts NFL head coach?

Chuck Pagano is the current head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. He took over for Jim Caldwell at the end of the 2011 season.

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Who are the NFL chapions?

The current NFL SuperBowl or world champions are the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts.

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Colts Quarterback with most career yards?

Current Colts quarterback Peyton Manning holds every team record worth having. 6,531 attempts, 4,232 completions for 50,128 yards and 366 touchdowns.

Did the colts win their first home game ever?

Yes.The current Colts franchise began play in Baltimore in 1953. Their first ever home game was September 27, 1953 and the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears, 13-9.The Colts lost their first home game in Indianapolis. That was September 2, 1984 and they lost to the New York Jets, 23-14.