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Kelly Johnson-2B

Stephen Drew- SS

Justin Upton- RF

Chris Young- CF

Ryan Roberts- 3B

Miguel Montero- C

Xavier Nady- 1B

Gerardo Parra- LF

Ian Kennedy- P

Daniel Hudson- P

Joe Saunders- P

Josh Collmenter- P

Barry Enright- P

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The Diamondbacks pitching staff for 2011, as of March 25, and on their 40-man roster is as follows:

#55 Josh Collmenter

#38 Sam Demel

#19 Zach Duke

#54 Barry Enright

#59 Armando Galarraga

#58 Juan Gutierrez

#44 Aaron Heilman

#30 David Hernandez

#41 Daniel Hudson

#71 Juan Jaime

#31 Ian Kennedy

#43 Zach Kroenke

#45 Kam Mickolio

#57 Kevin Mulvey

#39 Jordan Norberto

#56 Yonata Ortega

#47 Joe Paterson

#40 J.J. Putz

#49 Carlos Rosa

#34 Joe Saunders

#62 Leyson Septimo

#32 Esmerling Vasquez

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As of the 2014 season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have 5 left handed pitchers.

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Q: Who are the Arizona Diamondbacks starting lineup and rotation?
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