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Notts. County 1862, Stoke City 1863, Nottingham Forest 1865, Chesterfield 1866, Sheff. Wed 1867. Although FA and FIFA recognise Sheffield FC as oldest club in world, 1857.

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Q: Who are the 5 oldest clubs in the football league?
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Who are the 5 oldest press clubs in the world?

The five oldest football clubs still playing to this day in league football are: Notts County (founded 1862), Stoke City (some time between 1863-1868), Nottingham Forest (1865), Sheffield Wednesday (1867), and Chesterfield (1867).

Who are the 5 oldest clubs in Italy?


Who are the 5 oldest clubs in the football leauge?

the original football league had 12 clubs: Accrington(1876), Aston Villa (1874), Blackburn Rovers (1875), Bolton Wanderers (1874), Burnley (1882), Derby County (1884), Everton (1878), Notts County (1862), Preston North End (1881), Stoke F.C.(1863), West Bromwich Albion (1878) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (1877). so the 5 oldest league clubs are: Notts County Stoke F.C. Aston Villa Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers some people exclude Stoke FC who changed to Stoke City in 1922. the next oldest league club would then be Wolverhampton Wanderers, NOT Accrington, which was a different club entirely to Accrington Stanley. The oldest football club in the world still playing Association football is Sheffield FC, formed in 1857 and now playing in the Northern Premier League.

Name 5 football players who have not won the European cupchampions league but have played for at least 4 clubs who have won it?

Brazillian Ronaldo is one of them.

How many substitutes are allowed in the fa cup?

3 from 7 - 21.07.2011 "Football League clubs have voted to reduce the number of substitutes that can be named on the teamsheet for matches in the npower Football League from 7 to 5. The vote was taken at an EGM at Leicester City's King Power Stadium. A Football League spokesman said: "This was felt to be a sensible and prudent step given the financial challenges facing many football clubs and the commitment made earlier this summer to adopt UEFA's Financial Fair Play framework." Clubs will still be permitted to name 7 substitutes in the Carling Cup and FA Cup and 5 in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy."

Which player has played for 5 clubs who have won the champions league?

Clarence Seedorf????

How many English clubs has won the champions league?

5 english clubs have won the Champions League. These are Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest.

How many Football League Championships did the cowboys win?


Which teams have won the English football premier league?


Who has as only one scored for 5 different clubs in the Champions league?

Hernan Jorge Crespo

Who were the top 5 oldest players in top flight English football?

gordon strachan

What is the official size and weight of an women's football league football?

It is the same as men league Size 5 and all the fifa rules are followed for women league too. chitra

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