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Moses Malone never played for the Utah Jazz. My list 1 Karl Malone 2 John Stockton 3 Adrian Dantley 4 "Pistol" Pete Maravich 5 Mark Eaton Moses Malone actually did play one season in Utah on the Utah Stars. This list is good but it also needs Jeff Hornacek in there somewhere, maybe as the sixth man My list would have Stockton at #1, then Malone, Hornacek, Maravich and Eaton. (a loyal Jazz fan)

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Q: Who are the 5 greatest players in Utah Jazz history?
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What is the highest number ever worn by a Utah Jazz player?

The highest worn jersey number in Utah Jazz history is #55 by three players: Antoine Carr Chad Gallagher Darren Mourningstar Source:

What is the history of the Utah Jazz?

Well all i know is that it started out in Luisianna.

What is the longest losing streak in Utah Jazz history?

18 games in 1982

Who brought the Utah jazz to Utah?

Larry H. Miller brought the Utah jazz to Utah

When was Utah Jazz created?

Utah Jazz was created in 1974.

Have the Toronto raptors or Utah jazz have a better franchise?

The Utah Jazz have, and by far. The Raptors have barely gotten anywhere in the playoffs. The Jazz, on the other hand, have been contenders in the playoffs for years. They have also had two of the best players in the league in John Stockon and Karl Malone.

Where did the lakers win?

Technicly the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Utah Jazz in all of Stockton's and Malone's history in the Utah Jazz. If it were not for the Bulls star player Michele Jordan, the Utah Jazz would have won the NBA finals in a frog Brock Obama bowl game in Miami Florida.

Who will pass jazz or lakers?

the Utah jazz the Utah jazz noooooo the lakers beat you freakin asses

Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz?

Utah and Houston are a graet rivarly. But when you break down to the present players on the teams and the teamwork, it is a close call but I going with the rockets.

What was the first NBA team for Utah?

The Utah Jazz who were formerly the New Orleans Jazz.

Who is better the Utah jazz or the portland trail blazers?

utah jazz any day

Who is the Utah jazz's mascot?

The Jazz Bear.