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The main back defence line is; LB:Evra CB:Vidic CB:Ferdinand RB:Rafael

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Q: Who are the 4 Defenders for Manchester United?
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Who are the best defenders on FIFA 11?

1 vidic Manchester united 2 Maicon brazil 3 pique barcalona

Who wears number 4 shirt for Manchester United?

Owen Hargreaves currently wears the Number 4 Shirt at Manchester United.

Is Liverpool better or Manchester united?

Liverpool is far better want prove? Manchester United 1 - 4 LIVERPOOL

Did Liverpool give players to Manchester United?

yes 4 players witch cost manchester united 80 million

What are the names of the defenders in Manchester united?

the main line of defence is; EvrA, Ferdinand, Vidc, Rafael. Some subs are Evans & Fabio :D

Who is number 4 in Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves

Which player has the most skill in Manchester united?

In Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the most skillful player. He is well known for his tricks and outwitting defenders. Wayne Rooney and other like Nani and Tevez are also superb players.

How many Manchester United players have won the balloon d'Or?

There have been 4 Manchester United winners, with 4 runners-up and 3 in third place. However, Bobby Charlton, George Best and Cristiano Ronaldo were placed more than once:3rd Duncan Edwards (English, Manchester United) 19571st Denis Law (Scottish, Manchester United) 19641st Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19662nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19671st George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19682nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19683rd George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19713rd Eric Cantona (French, Manchester United) 19932nd David Beckham (English, Manchester United) 19992nd Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 20071st Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 2008

How long does it take to fly to moscow from Manchester?

4 hours PS Manchester united champions 4 hours ! wow

How did bayern munich win against Manchester United?

Bayern munich defeated Manchester United , on the away goal rule, as the matches ended 4-4 on aggregate.

Who are the defenders of Manchester united?

these are the main defenders Gary Neville Fabio Da Silva Wes Brown Nemanja Vidic Rio Ferdinand Johnny Evans Rafael Da Silva Patrice Evra John O'Shea

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

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