Who are temepara Georges parents?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Mrs and Mr George

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Q: Who are temepara Georges parents?
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Does Temepara Georges have children?

Yes Temepara has 2 children

What is Temepara Georges full name?

sori i do NT know what her whole name is soyr

What is temepara georges childrens name?

Jusdean and your butt crack

What are the names of Temepara Georges children?

Her eldest child is a girl, Jusdean and her youngest is a boy named Erin-wayne

What are temepara Georges iwis?

It appears to be a misspelled or unclear term. Without more context or clarification, it is difficult to provide an accurate answer.

What are Temepara Georges kids names?

She has two kids Jusdean George Walker and Erin Wayne

How tall is temepara George?

Temepara George is 5 foot 8

How old is Temepara George?

Temepara George was born October 23, 1975 which would make her, at the time of this answer, 32 years old.

Where in NZ was Temepara George Born?


What is Temepara George's favorite colour?


What is is max alberto georges parents called?

shauna mchloclan

What college did temepara George go to?

Temepara Attended Tangaroa College in Otara, Sth Auckland then went on to attend Otahuhu College also in Sth Auckland