Who are some providers for hosted IVR?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The advanced features associated with the IVR system make it the most commonly used among business organizations. The perks of using an IVR for business connection include customer satisfaction, brand building, lead generation, operational cost reduction, saves executives' time, and many more.

IVR system's features vary from one another, and each has its own area of expertise. But when it comes to the services' consistency, I would suggest the multilevel IVR solution provided by MCUBE. What makes them the most preferable is their easy-to-use IVR services, along with the no-time installation process and cost-effectiveness.

I am not going into details, but these are some highlights of the prime and in-demand features associated with MCUBE's IVR solution-

1-Multilevel IVR-

Multilevel Interactive voice response services of MCUBE represent specific requirements of the caller. It ensures each call from the customers is re-routed accurately to the desired department or executive through numerous input stages of input prompts.

2- Automated helpline-

The automated helpline feature enables the users to purchase subscriptions, plans, services just by selecting input through the keypad without any human intervention. Users can also use this feature for information retrieval like order status tracking, product details, bank balance check, etc.

3- Sophisticated telephony system-

MCUBE's IVR gives businesses a sophisticated telephony system as it allows integration of IVR system with additional services like track and extension on multiple toll-free numbers. By doing this, businesses can handle all their inbound and outbound calls effortlessly within a single platform.

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Some providers for hosted IVR are Cloud Hosting from Voxeo or IVR Technology Group. They give you a cloud based IVR and multi-channel customer service solutions with functionality.

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Q: Who are some providers for hosted IVR?
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What are some popular providers of Hosted IVR solutions?

Some popular companies that provide Hosted IVR solutions and services, include: Voxeo, CenturyLink, Microsoft Tellme, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Genesys.

Where can I find more information on hosted ivr online?

There are several websites that will help you with a hosted ivr. One in particular is or you can try your phone system's company website such as Nortel.

What is the definition of a hosted IVR?

IRV is interactive voice response. To have it hosted would be using a service.

Where could I find a business offering hosted IVR services for my Houston office?

Here are a couple places that could help: and

Where can one find information about hosted IVR solutions?

Companies such as Angel and Voxeo have set up websites to guide you through IVR systems. Phone numbers are provided on their respective websites if you need further assistance.

What are some providers of simple hosted call center applications?

Five9, Broadsoft and Sangoma's are the provider of hosted call center or virtual call center. As for Sangoma's the service only available in the Brazil.

What is IVR and how is it used?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a technology that allows automated interaction with callers through voice and keypad inputs. It's used for tasks like routing calls, gathering information, and conducting surveys efficiently.

How make IVR?

The following is found in the link IVR Design Processunder Related Links below: * IVR Consulting - the definition phase of an IVR project. During this period, IVR consultants determine if and how an automated phone answering solution can benefit both the organization and the end user. The result of this phase is the creation of an IVR feasibility document. * IVR Design - is an important phase of a project where the IVR application requirements are researched and defined in terms that can be understood by an IVR developer. The result of this research is a written document called the IVR specification. * IVR Development - is a component of an IVR project where a programming team is assembled and assigned tasks to compete the creation of an automated phone answering program. * IVR Programming - is the actual coding and creation of the IVR phone application. This can be accomplished using traditional programming languages or the IVR can be developed with high level IVR programming tools. * IVR Testing - is a key element within a new IVR development project. Testing involves not just the functioning of the IVR program but also how well the IVR program performs under stress and error conditions. * IVR Implementation - is the final phase of a new IVR project. During this period, the IVR program is installed in a live environment with real end users utilizing the features of this new program. IVR developers closely monitor the performance of the IVR during this initial implementation phase. * IVR Management - is control over the operation of an automated phone answering (IVR) program. This entails managing the computer and telecom resources as well as the IVR program including current maintenance functions and future enhancements.

Where can I find information about hosted predictive dialer?

Having a hosted predictive dialer is a great way to cut cost. I would suggest checking out the dialers at

Where can one learn more about IVR solutions?

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response. One can learn more about IVR solutions at Voxeo. There is detailed information on various platforms and applications using IVR solutions.

What is the definition of an inbound ivr?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Inbound IVR is a phone system which lets users make selections on a menu by using the number pad on their phone.

Is security an issue when using VoIP?

Since VoIP is hosted by providers so there's no need to worry about VoIP security. Read some online reviews here