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There are many different varieties of players that play for the Welsh Rugby team called the Scarlets. These players include Ken Owens, Stephen Jones, and Wayne Proctor.

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Q: Who are some players for the Welsh rugby team the Scarlets?
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some are welsh speakers as a first language

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How do you qualify to play rugby for Wales?

Basically; You must be born on Welsh soil or have parent or grand parents of welsh blood or have requested and received citizenship for more that 3 years. in wales. However, even if all of some of the above is accepted if you have played for another country at first international team level then you CANNOT play for wales at all. This is a classic case of Regan King center for the Scarlets - he has been in wales for some 4 years and is resident in Llanelli all that time however, he played ONCE for the first team All Blacks so he cannot be put forward in the Welsh selection process.

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