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Spud Webb, Mugsy Bougs, Earl Boykins

Calvin Murphy, easy

nate Robinson

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Q: Who are some of the greatest basketball players under six feet tall?
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What is the height of a basketball stand for underage players?

6 feet

What is the average Basketball players size?

All basketball players in the NBA are over 6 feet tall. Many of them are closer to being over 6-1/2 feet tall.

Is there a midget in the NBA?

No. There are shorter players in the NBA. However, in this professional basketball league, any player under 6 feet tall is considered "short".

What is the Basketball ave height?

The average height of male basketball players is 6 feet and 3 inches, for females, 5 feet and 7 inches.

How many NBA players are under six feet tall?

There are many players under six feet tall, including Nate Robinson.

Why are basketball hoops ten feet tall?

it is because most basketball players are over 6 feet tall and have long arms as well so if the rim were any lower it'd be extremely easy for players to make baskets.

What is the height of a basketball hoop in cyo basketball?

for 4th grade it is 10 feet but under that is 7 feet any thing above 4th is 10 feet

Names of players in the mlb under 6 feet?


What are the requirements of entering the program of study in professional basketball?

To get into professional basketball players should play at a college level. Height is also a good factor, most players stand at 7 feet tall.

What is the height of a basketball rink?

There is no rink in basketball. The rim, or hoop, that the players shoot the ball through to score points is hung at a height of 10 feet from the ground.

How many football players are under 6 feet tall?

umm...too many?

What are typical basketball court dimensions?

The typical NBA required size and dimensions for a basketball court are: ninety-four feet by fifty feet. Under regulations of the International Basketball Federation the court measures: twenty-eight meters by fifteen meters.

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