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Q: Who are some famous people living in Massachusetts?
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What are some of the responsibilities of people living in Massachusetts?

People that live in Massachusetts have the same responsibilities as people living anywhere else in the world. The responsibilities of people that live in Massachusetts are clean, cooking and working.

What are the names of some famous people who were born in Massachusetts and why and how are they famous?

Here are some famous people born in Massachusetts. Actors: Eliza Dushku, Uma Thurman, James Spader. Comedians: Dane Cook. Also Barbara Walters was born in Massachusetts.

What are some famous people that cane from Massachusetts?

look on wikipedia

Why should people living in England move to Massachusetts?

Some people move from England to Massachusetts because they like the land better and the people. Not all people think move from England to Massachusetts.

What were some famous people assosiated with the Massachusetts bay colony?

John Winthrop

Who are some famous people living in 1880s?

Mark Twain

What did the famous trials in Salem Massachusetts suggest that some people in that colony were?

superstitious and intolerant

How do people in Ireland earn a living?

They go to work and get some money and then they become famous and be awsome

Who are famous people in Massachusetts and why?

There have been many famous people who come from (or who lived for many years in) Massachusetts. Former President John F. Kennedy is one. Former senator and current Secretary of State John Kerry is another. Founding Father John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams, Paul Revere, former presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, comedian and talk show host Jay Leno, celebrity interviewer and talk show host Barbara Walters, poet Emily Dickinson, the members of the rock band Aerosmith, and inventor Alexander Graham Bell are just a few of the famous people who either lived in Massachusetts for a while or were born and raised in the state.

Do famous people have family problems?

of course famous people have family problems, every living person on this planet is bound to have some family problems big or little.

Do some people do weddings for famous people?

some people can' most people do if they are famous

Who are some famous people from botswana?

Who are some famous people from botswana?