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jenny finch, lots of others. Because i know jenny finch.

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Q: Who are some famous athletes who play softball?
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Can you be in a sorority and an athlete?

YES! Several of my sisters are athletes. Some play Tennis, others play Softball, but you can definitely do them both. :)

Who are some famous US athletes from Haiti?

There are athletes in Haiti that play for the Haiti soccer team, who played in the Concacaf Gold Cup against Mexico.

Who are some of the most famous professional athletes?


Who are some of the most famous softball players?

Jennie finch

Who were some famous athletes of India?

Some famous athletes of India include P.T.Usha, the track and field star and Anjubobby George the Olympic medalist. Other famous athletes include A. G. Kripal Singh the cricket player.

Famous athletes of 2007?

Some famous athletes of 2007 include Yao Ming and Tiger Woods. Other famous athletes in that time period include Arnold Palmer and Shaquille O'Neal.

Who are some famous Buddhist athletes?

Tiger Woods

Who are some famous French athletes?

George Fattoush

Who are some famous Hindu athletes?

eric shun

Who are some famous hispanic athletes?

stuff stuff

Who are some famous short athletes?

nate Robinson

Who were some of the famous athletes in Turkey?

ali halvaci

Who are some famous athletes from kazakhstan?

usain bolt

Who were some famous athletes of the Harlem Renaissance?


Who are some famous German athletes?

Dirk Nowitzki!

Who are some famous athletes with tendonitis?

Rafael Nadal had some tendo.

Who are some famous athletes that wore 30?

Nolan Ryan

Who are some famous Olympic athletes?

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards

Who are some famous Russian athletes in history?

pablo Picasso

Who are some famous dutch athletes?

Fanny Blankers Koen

Who are some famous Italian Athletes?

dorando pietre-runner

What are some last names of some famous athletes?

apes sanders sup

What are some names of famous softball teams?

Teh answer is the fpurple penguins, Stars;

Who are some famous girl softball players?

Jennie Finch And Jessica Mendoza

Who were some famous North Carolina athletes?

one of many famouse athletes in North Carolina is Michael Jordan.