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One of the best ever Hank Aaron

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Q: Who are some famous Atlanta Braves players?
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Who are some players on the Mississippi braves baseball team?

There is no MIssisipi Braves. its the atlanta braves. some players are chipper jones, Brian McCann, and freddy freeman

Who are some famous athletes that wore number 44?

Hank Aaron wore it with the Atlanta Braves, he's the only person I can think of.

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Sports teams in Georgia?

Professional teams: Atlanta falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta hawks, Atlanta Thrashers. College teams: Georgia bulldogs, Georgia tech yellow jackets, and probably some more.

What are some human characteristics of Atlanta Georgia?

Atlanta is a very industrial city. It has the Weather Channel, Atlanta Braves, TBS, and Coca Cola. It is a city that sets trends in home and garden design.

Why are some Atlanta Braves retired numbers red and some blue on the Turner Field wall?

The numbers have colors designed to reflect the uniforms worn by players of different eras. As a result, the red 21 representing Warren Spahn looks like something from the old Boston Braves uniforms. Meanwhile, the blue 3 worn by Dale Murphy produces memories of the uniforms the Braves wore in the 1980s.

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