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Q: Who are some boxers that don't wear robes?
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Does Luke Benward wear boxers or briefs?

Boxers. And dont ask how I know ;)

What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

What did plains people wear?

robes i know srry i dont no the rest

What do you wear with boxers?

I wear briefs for work and boxers for bed to just get some air Jay R

What kinds of robes do women wear in Italy?

Women wear robes in Italy for formal and informal situations. Informally, their most common robes are before and after the bath, and for the beach. Formally, they wear choir robes for singing, graduation robes for degree ceremonies, judicial robes for court and other related legal work, and teacher's robes in some cases. If they aren't Roman Catholic Church communicants, then they may wear priestly robes.

Why do boys wear boxers?

Women CAN wear boxers. In fact, sometimes they do wear boxers, but usually as bedtime clothing. But boxers are generally designed specifically for men.

Why do priest were a black coat?

They dont. They wear red and white robes. Unless your not referring to Catholics?

Do girls wear boxers as underwear?

Some but it is unusual

Is it cool to wear briefs as underwear?

you dont really have a cool type of under wear but personally I dont wear boxers I wear breifs or boxer breifs because it holds it all in... if you know what i mean

What do women wear in Kenya?

in Kenya ladys wear robes or as we call them''robes''

What type of clothing do mahayana Buddhists wear?

Many Mahayana Buddhists wear colourful yet simple robes. These are quite impractical but they depict their dedication to the Buddhist religion. Mainly monks wear these robes, but some very religious Buddhists wear the robes without being monks. The colours of the robes depend on their status in monk society.

I wear tighty whities and I get bullied about it and I dont want to switch to boxers what should I do?

boxer briefs, nerd