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josh harmony is one

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โˆ™ 2008-07-30 02:19:16
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Q: Who are pro skateboarders from Illinois?
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Who pays pro skateboarders?

their sponser

Are nss skate shoes pro?

Yes it is for pro skateboarders.

What VX cameras do pro skateboarders use?


How may skateboarders turn pro?

like, 16 years

How may pro skateboarders are from Ohio?

12 shaters dude

Do most pro skateboarders wear helmets?

Skateboarders don't usually wear helmets unless skating a vert ramp

How many skateboarders are there?

Dude, there is about a thousand pro skaters and about two million non - pro skaters

How many pro skateboarders wear helmets?

Mostly vert pro skaters wear the helmets.

How many skateboarders go pro every year?

two and a half.

What do pro skateboarders wear?

same as non pro ones! baggy stuff and hoodies and T shirts

How many pro skateboarders in Colorado?

2 Rodney mullan is the big one

Do pro skateboarders lack toughness?

It may be a matter of opinion but they definitely have guts.

How many years of school for a pro skateboarders?

same as clown school, 4 years

Who are the pro skateboarders from Ohio?

Rob Dyrdek is from ohio. devin abner. kokomo joe

What do skateboarders do?

They learn tricks and some go pro and get sponsors while some just do it for fun.

To have a career in skateboarding do need to have an education?

NO! Half of the pro skateboarders have like a 10th grade education.

How many pro skateboarders in America?

There are fifty three people who make a living completely off of skateboarding. given the number of skateboarders (about thirteen million), the odds of becoming one are slim.

Can skateboarders have two board sponsors?

yes but if a pro skater issponsored most teams wont recruit him/her

How much do pro skateboarders get paid?

they must not pay too much. i mean, it isn't the most moneymaking job.

What do pro skateboarders do every day?

What seems to happen is when you turn pro is you chill and drink a lot more. Let the little kids take care of the gnar stuff for you.

How many black pro skateboarders are there?

well....soince theirs about 100-200 pros i'd say about 75-125??

Who was one of the first skateboarders?

The first skateboarders are.....(refresh page)

How much do pro skateboarders make?

in 2008, Pro skaters made 2000 a month plus royalties from what ever product has there name on it like Tiger Woods, three-fourths of there money comes from sponsors.

What is the difference between Goofy skateboarders and normal skateboarders?

Goofy Skateboarders lead with their left foot and normal skaters lead with their right foot

How many skateboarders are there in the UK?

There are approximatl 13,000 skateboarders in the United Kingdom and counting