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1.Stephan McGrath (goalkeeper)

2.Thomas Donoghue (defender)

3.Johnny Bonner (defender)

4.Ciaran Boyle (defender)

5.Marty Boyle (half defender)

6.Antony Thompson(C) (half defender)

7.Eoin Waide (half defender)

8.Martin Regan (midfielder)

9.Johnny McLoone (midfielder)

10.Brendan McDyre (half forward)

11.Leo McLoone (half forward)

12.Dara Gallagher (half forward) nickname:Daz

13.John O Malley (forward)

14. Dermot Molly (forward) nickname:Brick

15.Leon Thompson (forward)wants a party

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Q: Who are naomh chonnells first team players?
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