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The 1964-65 Wolverines roster, coached by Dave Strack: Charles Adams - Sr 6-3 G

Bill Buntin - Sr 6-7 C

Tom Ludwig - Sr 5-11 G

George Pomey - Sr 6-4 F/G

Larry Tregoning - Sr 6-5 F

Dan Brown - Jr 6-5 G

John Clawson - Jr 6-4 G

Oliver Darden - Jr 6-7 F

Jim Myers - Jr 6-8 F/C

Cazzie Russell - Sr 6-5 G

John Thompson - Jr 6-0 G

Van Tillotson - Jr 6-5 F

Dennis Bankey - So 6-1 G

Craig Dill - So 6-10 F/C

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Q: Who are members of the university of Michigan mens basketball team in 1965?
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