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It is the great Alan Shearer.

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Q: Who are man united most expensive players?
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How many players are there on mancheaster united team?

There are 11 players on Manchester United aka Man united.

What are the jersey no of man united players?

Who won most cups man utd or Liverpool?

probably man utd because they have giggs park ronaldo and other really good players.

Most Expensive Football Player in World?

Cristiano Ronaldo who was bought for £80million from Man United by Real Madrid.

Most expensive football defender in England?

Rio Ferdinand - from Leeds United to Man U - 30 mil +

What 3 man united players of all time played the most?

i think it is Gary nevile, Rooney,paul scholes

Who is the word most expensive football player?

Christiano Ronaldo £80 million bought from Man United to Real Madrid

What Asian players have played for man united?

Ji sung park

Players sold to everton from man united?

Phil Neville,saha,

How many players signed for arsenal from man united?

1. Mikel Silvestr

Name 6 players who played for man united and Barcelona?

There is only 5 players who have played for both man united and barcelona and they are Mark Hughes Jordi Cryuff Laurent Blanc Gerard Pique Henrik Larsson

Who are the Man United players?

Click on the link below for player information. This will help you with all your Man U problems.