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Q: Who are father and mother of Williams?
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Who is Hank William Sr?

Hank's father was, Elonzo Williams, and Lillian Skipper Williams was his mother.

What are the names of Bernie Williams' parents?

Bernie Williams' father is named Bernabe and his mother is named Rufina.

Are the parents of the Williams sisters Jehovah's Witnesses?

Wikipedia says that the mother is but not the father.

Is redaric Williams biracial?

Yes he is, african american father and white mother

Who was willis carrier father and mother?

Elizebeth R. Haviland&Duane Williams Carrier

Is Wendy Williams half Jewish?

Yes. Her mother is Italian and her father is Black.

Who trained Venus and Serena Williams?

Her father (Richard Williams) and mother (Oracene Price) taught her how to play tennis, although both she and sister Venus were coached for a time at Rick Macci's tennis academy in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Who were ray charles's parents?

His Parents were Aretha Williams (mother) and Bailey Robinson (father)His father worked as a railroad repair man, handyman, and a mechanic, and his mother was a sharecropper.

Who was Nelson Mandela's mother?

Shannon Williams was the mother of Nelson Mandela and she had left Nelson and his siblings when Nelsons father had died in 1923.

How is Williams syndrome carried on?

if you were born and your mother or father had William syndrome, you can inherit the syndrome or disease.

Where was Eric Williams buried?

He was Cramated to prevent Grave tampering, his mother and father have Erics ashs.

What is Sonny bill Williams' ethnicity?

He is half white, half Samoan. His mother is white and his father is Samoan.