Who are famous hofner bass players?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Who are famous hofner bass players?
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What hofner model bass guitar did Stuart Sutcliffe play?

He played a Hofner Club Bass guitar

Is the Hofner violin bass guitar electric?

yes the hofner bass guitar is an electric bass guitar and by the way for your future reference look at the body of the bass or guitar to tell if its electric or not (look for pick-ups) and i would know because i own a 1966 hofner 500/1 violin style bass guitar

What year was Hofner Bass born?

Hofner Bass is a musical instrument manufacturer. The year they were first incorporated, or "born" was in 1887. They produce mainly string instruments.

What type of bass guitar did PaulMccartney brand?


Who are some famous bass players?

Paul McCartney is the famous bass player for The Beatles.

How much does a truly authentic Hofner violin bass cost in USD?

You can find an authentic Hofner Violin Bass at its lowest for $369.00 new at The most expensive one they offer is $2,975.00. They range in price between those. The $369.00 is your basic Hofner Violin Bass that has the Paul McCartney look, with the authentic Hofner feel, and great playability.

What guitar cable did Paul McCartney use?

hofner bass

Who are famous bass drum players?


Who is the most famous string bass players?


Where does Paul McCartney keep his Hofner bass when not performing?

In its case in the music room.

What kind of guitar does paul McCartney play?

Paul has played many guitars including his '63 Hofner bass and a lefty sunburst Les Paul.I have also seen pictures of him with The Beatles playing an Epiphone Casino in a sunburst finish with a Bigsby tremolo.As for acoustics he employs his Epiphone Texan when playing live and used one when acoustic work was needed for The Beatles

How much can you buy a hofner bass for?

Well in the guitar shop in Penzance, Cornwall, England. It would cost you round about £500