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Q: Who are famous Australian men sports people?
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Who is the most famous Australian?

Steve Irwin is arguably the most famous Australian. He was recognisable worldwide in life, and his legacy endures after his death.Another famous Australian is Hugh Jackman, star of the film Australia and "Wolverine" in the X-Men movies.

Does rebel sports have any Nike men's running shorts?

Rebel Sport is an Australian based sports retailer. They stock a broad range of sports apparel, including many different varieties of Nike men's running shorts.

Do Americans watch men sports than womens?

I would say generally so because men's sports are covered more by the press and other forms of media. People always talk about men's sports more than women's sports, and sponsors usually pick men's sports to get more people to see them

Who are some famous men with the name Neal?

There are quite a few famous people with the name Neal. To name a few there is Neal Anderson, Neal Jeffrey and Neal Mussser. They all are sports players as well.

What is havard college most famous sports?

They're the 12th seed in men's basketball this year.

Who typically buys sports cars?

Men, rich people and bogans

Eight famous australian men?

Famous Australian actors include Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman. Famous sportsmen include golfer, Adam Scott and Olympic runner, John Landy. Famous writers include Patrick White and Henry Lawson. Famous scientists include Howard Florey and William Bragg.

Who is the famous sports men of France?

In basketball, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, and Mickeal Pietrus are famous. In tennis, Gael Monfils is famous. There are many high-profile and famous French sportsmen.

What is LuLu Lemon famous for?

Lululemon is a famous company for making sports gear, specifically for yoga and running for both men and women. It can be purchased from their official webpage.

What is a famous sport involving huge men?

A famous sport involving huge men can be anything from football to mixed martial arts, boxing to collegiate wrestling.. or if sports entertainment counts professional wrestlers are huge.

List eight famous Australian men?

Hugh JackmanSteve IrwinLleyton HewittPaul HoganKevin RuddErnie DingoAB 'Banjo' PatersonHenry Lawson

Are there any famous sports teams in Washington?

Washington state has four famous professional sports team. In baseball they have the Seattle Mariners. In football they have the Seattle Seahawks. In soccer they have the Seattle Sounders FC for the men and the Seattle Sounders for the women. There are a lot of other minor league sports team and famous college teams as well.

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