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Male: France

Female: Norway

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Q: Who are current Olympic Champions in team handball?
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What handball team won European handball championships from 1996-2000?

In 1996, the women's handball champions were from Denmark. In 1998, Norway. In 2000, Hungary. For men, the 1996 champions were from Russia. In 1998, Sweden. In 2000, Sweden.

3 popular french sports?

tennis. Team Handball (Olympic Gold!) soccer (football)

What actors and actresses appeared in U.S. Olympic Champions - 1952?

The cast of U.S. Olympic Champions - 1952 includes: Mel Allen as Commentator Dick Button as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Harrison Dillard as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Bob Mathias as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Al Oerter as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Lindy Remigino as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Wes Santee as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member Dean Smith as Himself - U. S. Olympic Team-Member

Three sports that France excel at?

Soccer, Rugby and cycling. And handball as the national team is currently European, Olympic and World campion.

Which France football team is the current champions of the french league?


Who are the tag team champion?

Current Unified Tag Team Champions ARE D-Generation X

When was Galatasaray Handball Team created?

Galatasaray Handball Team was created in 1926.

Who are the current World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champions?

cryme time

How did Team Handball come to be known as Handball?

Handball was always named only "Handball". Just the English speaking hemisphere added "Team" to distinguish it from the other handball game played by just 2 persons.

Team handball was mainly invented in what countries?

The origins of team handball go back as far as ancient Greece and Rome. Click on the 'Origins of Team Handball' link on this page to read about its history.

What has the author Franko Blazic written?

Franko Blazic has written: 'Team handball =' -- subject(s): Team handball

When was Al Sadd Handball Team created?

Al Sadd Handball Team was created on 1969-10-21.