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Players that have played for Manchester United includes: Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie, Michael Carick, David De Gea, Juan Mata, Chcharito, Luke Shaw and Darren Fletcher.

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Q: Who are all the players that have played for manchester united?
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What Manchester United players have played for their Country?

all of them

Where can I find a list of all the Manchester United players who have played while Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager?

You may have to go to the Manchester United website and find out.

Where do Manchester United players originate from?

All over the World

Which players have played for both Manchester city and Manchester united during their career?

Andy Cole, Andrei Kanchelskis, Peter Schmeichel all have played for both United and City since 1993. there could be more though!

What are the names of all Manchester united star players?

ronnldo roony

How many time have Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Like Tons !! N united has on all of them!!

What are the names and numbers of all Manchester united players?

Wayne Rooney is number 10

Which 13 players have played for two or more of the top 4 clubs in the premier league since it first started?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal and currently plays for Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre has played for Manchester United and currently plays for Arsenal. Mark Hughes has played for Manchester United and Chelsea. Juan Sebastian Veron has played for Manchester United and Chelsea. Sorry, that's all I can think of.

What Manchester United players have transferred to real Madrid?

David Beckham Ruud van nistleroy Cristiano Ronaldo Gabriel Heinze all moved directly from Manchester United to Madrid Michael Owen (indirectly) and Laurie Cunningham (loan) played for Madrid prior to playing for Manchester United

Played for manchester united and manchester city?

Andy Cole, Denis Law, John Macken, Peter Schmeichel, Carlos Tevez Brian Kidd all played for both Manchester City and manchester United

Can you have a list off all the Manchester united players? then click on players and staff for a full list of players in the 1st team and the reserve team

Which players have played for Manchester United and Liverpool and Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest?

No player has played for all 4 clubs. Paul Ince has played for Liverpool and Manchester United as has Phill Chisnall. These are the only 2 players to play for both these clubs. What about Ray Houghton? Michael Owen Peter Beardsley (he was signed by Man Utd but never made a first team appearance)

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