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Here are records of 10 Fastest Bowlers.
1. Shoaib Akhtar - 161.3 km/h
2. Brett Lee - 160.8 km/h
3. Shaun Tait - 160.7 km/h
4. Jeff Thompson - 160.4 km/h
5. Shane Bond - 157.4 km/h
6. Lasith Malinga - 155.6 km/h
7. Mitchell Johnson - 154.8 km/h
8. Andrew Flintoff - 153.9 km/h
9. Dale Steyn - 153.5 km/h
10. Mohammed Sami - 152.9 km/h

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At the time of this answer, there are 20 individuals who have a USBC (Or ABC) certified 900 series (3 perfect 300 games).

  • Jeremy Sonnefeld
  • Tony Roventini
  • Vince Wood
  • Robby Portalatin
  • James Hylton
  • Jeff Campbell II
  • Darin Pomje
  • Robert Mushtar (Twice)
  • Lonnie Billeter Jr
  • Mark Wukoman
  • P.J. Giesfeldt
  • Rich Jerome Jr
  • Christ Aker
  • Andrew Teall
  • Andrew Mank
  • William Howell III
  • Matt Latarski
  • Bob Kammer Jr
  • John Martorella Sr
  • Jimmy Schmitzer
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Shane warne and saqlain mushtaq is the all time best bowler.

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Paeng Nepumuceno no doubt, checkout his record.

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Shohaib Akter

B. lee

S. tait


L. Klusnar

A. Donald

M. Sami

M. Aamir

M. Zahir

Irfan Pathan.

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jack rosencrance

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Q: Who are Top 10 speed bowler of cricket?
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Who is first bowler 10 Wicket hall in Test cricket?

Jim Laker

Who are top 10 fast bowler?

Brad Horn is #4

What is a 10 fer in cricket?

A single bowler taking ten wickets in a Test match has taken a ten-fer.

What is the top speed of A - 10 warthog jet?

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How many times can a bowler bowl in cricket?

It depends on the variant of cricket being played.There is generally no limit to a bowler in First-class cricket since is there is no hard-set limit to the number of overs that will be bowled in a given innings.For limited-overs matches, the general rule of thumb is that no one bowler can bowl more than 20% of the given overs in an innings. In a One Day International (ODI) match, for example, a bowler can bowl a maximum of 10 overs (less if a game is shortened by weather). Accordingly, Twenty20 limits a bowler to four overs.There is, however, one important rule for a bowler that can cut short his innings. A bowler is not supposed to run through the pitch's protected zone (generally the zone directly between the wickets) while following-through on his delivery. If caught doing so three times, he is prohibited from bowling for the rest of the innings.

Who was the first player in the history of world cricket to take 10 wickets in an inning of Test match?

Spin bowler Jim Laker of England against Australia in the year 1956.

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Who is the second bowler in the world in the history of cricket to claim all 10 wickets in an innings?

Anil Kumble of IndiaIn February 1999, Kumble bowled out Pakistan 10 for 74, becoming only the second player in the history of Test cricket to take all ten wickets in an innings (after Jim Laker of England in 1956).