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Q: Who are Roberto clemente's grandparents?
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What Was Roberto Clementes Birth date?

Augest 18 1934

Who is Roberto's clementes wife?

Roberto Clemente married Vera Zabala on November 14, 1964.

Who was Roberto clementes wife?

Vera Cristina Zabala (m. 14-Nov-1964)

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Where did Roberto clementes plane crash?

Roberto Clemente was a professional baseball player who was born on August 18, 1934 in Puerto Rico. He played for the Pittsburgh Prates for 18 seasons. He was killed in a plane crash off of the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 31, 1972 at the age of 38.

What was Roberto clementes highest season batting average?

Clemente hit .357 for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1967, his highest batting average in any one season during his career. Incidently, the Pirates finished 6th in the 10 team National League that season with an 81-81 record.

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