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The primary rivals for the San Diego Chargers are their divisional opponents, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders, and the Denver Broncos. In recent years, the Broncos have risen to the top of this list due to being the best competition the division has offered for the Chargers.

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Q: Who are Rivals to the San Diego Chargers?
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Who are the San Diego Chargers main rivals?

The Broncos

Who are the San Diego Chargers rivals with?

The Oakland Raiders

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When was San Diego Chargers created?

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Chad Rinehart is number 78 on the San Diego Chargers.

How many rings do the San Diego Chargers have?

The San Diego Chargers have never won the Super Bowl.

What was the San Diego Chargers record in 2009?

The San Diego Chargers had a 13-3 record in 2009.

What profesional sports are there in San Diego?

San Diego Chargers - NFL San Diego Padre's

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