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* Samir Nasri

* Robin van Persie

* Maroane Chamakh

* Bakari Sagna

* Kolo, Yaya and Ibrahim Toure

* Armand Traore

* Johan Djourou

* Nicolas "Bilal" Anelka

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There are many Muslim players in La Liga but the best of them is Mesut Ozil.

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Gerard Pique from FC Barcelona.

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Q: Who are Muslim football players play in spanish premier league?
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Who are Muslim players in all team in English premier league?

samir nasrii

What is the football club that have many Muslim players?

arsenal fc

Is there any Muslim in Brazil football team?

Kaka,Fred and Dani Alves are Muslim players in Brazil Football Team. n_n

How many Muslim players are in the NFL?

there aren't any players of that religion that play in the national football leuge

How many football players are Muslim?

Too many to give an exact value.

Who are the Muslim players for all of the teams in the English Premier League?

Some are Abu Diaby, Samir Nasri, and some say Anelka as well.

List of Muslim football players in Europe?

Muslim footballers are Zidane,Abu Diaby, Karim Benzeema, BenArfa, Kolo Toure, Yaya Toure. Marone Chamakh.

Are there any Muslim football players?

Nicolas anelka,van persie,solomon kalou,frank ribery etc

Who are the famous Muslims players?

Demba Ba, Pappis Cisse, Hatem Ben Arfa, Samir Nasri, Nicolas Anelka, Franck Ribery are a few famous Muslim Football players

List famous Muslim players in the world?

i want to know who are the muslim players playing in europe

Is football player MESSI a Muslim?

No he is not a muslim.

Does Iran's national soccer team have any non-muslims playing?

Non Muslim players in Iran soccer teamYes. Iran's national soccer tram has always had non-Muslims within its ranks since the inception of the football federation. inception in the 1940s. These players have been mostly christian armenians. One of the most important players in the current Iran team is Andranik Teymourian, a christian who also plays for Bolton Wonderes of the British Premier League.