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LeBron James was born to the parents of Gloria James and Anthony McClelland.

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Q: Who are LeBron James' mom and dad's name?
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What is Lebron James's mom's name?

Gloria James

What is LeBron James' mom's name?

Gloria James

What is Lebron's mom name?

Gloria James

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Is LeBron James mom live?

No, LeBron James' mother did not die.

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Where LeBron James mom born?


Who does LeBron James kiss at every halftime?

His mom Gloria James.

How old was lebron James when his mom died?

she was 99

How tall is LeBron James Mom?


What happened Lebron James?

He never met him because his dad left his mom and lebron when she had a baby.

How old is LeBron James mom?

Gloria James Is 39 Years Old