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Q: Who are Kansas City Chiefs players number 82 in years 1992 to 2002?
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What years did Joe Montana play for kansas city chiefs?


How long is jamaal Charles staying with Kansas City Chiefs in football?

Jamaal Charles is going to stay with Kansas city chiefs for 4 years cause he is under contract for 4 years and so is Dexter McCluster

Which players have worn number 88 for the Kansas City Chiefs?

The most famous player to have worn number 88 for the Kansas City Chiefs was all-world tight end Tony Gonzalez, who donned the number for twelve seasons (1997-2008). Other noteworthy players who've sported number 88 for the Chiefs include All-Pro wide receiver Chris Burford (1960-67 including years with Dallas Texans), 6' 10" tight end Morris Stroud (1969-74), tight end Walter White (1975-79), Pro Bowl wide receiver Carlos Carson (1980-89), and wide receiver J.J. Birden (1990-94).

How many consecutive years did the Kansas City Chiefs make the playoffs in the nineties?


Are the Kansas City Chiefs 50 years old?

it was in 2009. but if you are reading this in 2010 or 2011 then you know.

Who has the most dropped passes over the last three years?

Dwane Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs)

When did the Minnesota Vikings play the Kansas City Chiefs?

Not until 2015. They play the chiefs every four years and they last played in 2011. Unless they meet in a Super Bowl

How long is jamal Charles staying with Kansas City Chiefs?

According to his contract, atleast another 5 years.

How many game did the Kansas City Chiefs win in the last 20 years?

In the last 20 years from 1992 until 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs have won 170 games. In that 20 year span they have won the AFC West 5 times, but they never made it to the Super Bowl.

Did Steve Young ever play for the Kansas City Chiefs?

No. Young spent 1985-1986 with Tampa Bay and 1987-1999 with San Francisco. You may be thinking of Joe Montana who, after 14 years (1979-1992) in San Francisco, was traded to Kansas City and spent the final two years of his career with the Chiefs.

Who is the second youngest team in the NFL in 2008?

According to players on 2008 opening day rosters, the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers are tied for the youngest team in the NFL at 25.57 years of age. The Indianapolis Colts came next at 25.68 years, then the Cincinnati Bengals at 25.81 years and the Miami Dolphins at 25.93 years.

What year did Tony Gonzalez play for the chiefs?

Tony Gonzalez played for the Kansas City Chiefs as a Tight End from 1997 to 2008. He holds 5 records for the Chiefs as well as 7 NFL records. He now plays for the Atlanta Falcons.