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Jackie Robinson has three kids, two sons and a daughter. They are Jackie Robinson Jr, Sharon Robinson and David Robinson.

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Q: Who are Jackie Robinson's kid's children?
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Who are Jackie Robinsons kids?

Jackie jr, Sharon, and david

How many kids did Jackie Robinsons mom have?

jackie robinson mom had 5 kids.

What was Jackie Robinsons kids names?

david sanah jackie jr

Who is Jackie Robinsons kids?

He had three children. Their names are, Jackie Jr. was born in 1946, Sharon was born in 1950, and David was born in 1952.

What are Jackie Robinsons kids names?

Sharon Jackie Jr. (deceased) David

What is Jackie robinsons kids names?

I believe they are Jackie Jr. Sharon, and, David.

Who was jackie robinsons family?

The Robinsons

What was Jackie robinsons job?

his job was to be a Baseball player and do what he does best and be a good farther to his kids

What is Jackie robinsons favorite drink?

what was jackie robinsons favorite dessert

Who is Jackie Robinsons mother?

His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children.

What was Jackie Robinsons real name?

Jackie robinsons real name is Jack Roosevelt Robinson

Who was Jackie Robinsons role model?

Jackie Robinsons role model was someone named ____. Look him up.

What was Jackie Robinsons favorite thing to do?

jackie robinson

Jackie Robinsons childrens name?

Jackie jr.

Does Jackie Chan have kids?

Jackie Chan has two children.

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When did Jackie Robinson's dad left them?

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Was Jackie Robinsons family poor?

Yes,because they had over 4 children and only one parent.

What was the numberof Jackie Robinsons jerssy?

Jackie Robinson's number was 42

Who was Jackie Robinsons grandfather and when was he in slavery?

Jackie Robinson's grandfather was a slave

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black molases

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