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Q: Who are England playing the first match in the world cup?
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Who played the First match of world cup cricket 1975?

India vs England was the first match of world cup 1975.England won the match.

When is the first England world cup match 2010?

The first England match is England vs USA on the 12th of July 2010

Who won the first cricket match in world?


Who are England's oppenents in their first match of the world cup?

USA :)

Who are England's opponents in their first match of the world cup?


Who is England's first match in the world cup?

Gersian Brent

Where was played first match of 1996 cricket world cup?

First match of 1996 world cup was between New Zealand and England on 14 February

What country will be playing first in the rugby world cup 2011?

Tonga and New Zealand will be playing in the first match.

When was The first match of the fifa world cup 2010?

usa v England

Who are the finalists in the 1966 FIFA World Cup?

The final match of the 1966 FIFA World Cup was played between England and West Germany. England won the match. This was England's first World Cup title. England 4 - 2 (a.e.t.) West Germany

Who scored first goal for England against Germany in the 1998 world cup?

There is no match between England and Germany in 1998 fifa world cup.

Who were playing England in 1966 when England won the ufa cup?

The 1966 world cup final match played at Wembley , was played between England the host and West Germany.