Who are Derek landy's parents?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Q: Who are Derek landy's parents?
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What is Derek landy's first book?

derek landys first book is called Skulduggery Pleasant

How tall are Derek Boogaard's parents?

Derek Boogaard's mom is about 5'10". His dad is about 6'4"

Who are the parents of Vicente Amigo?

Derek Novak

What nationality are Derek Jeter's parents?

Derek Jeter's parents were both born in America. His father is African American and his mother is Caucasian and of Irish/German descent.

How were Derek and casey related on life with Derek?

Their parents got married so that means their step-siblings

Who are Derek Redmond parents?

Mr & Mrs Redmond

What actors and actresses appeared in The Daytrippers - 2011?

The cast of The Daytrippers - 2011 includes: Rose Landys Barbara Seery Dick Tobin

What were Derek Jeter's parents jobs?

Derek Jeter's father, Dr. Sanderson Charles, is a substance abuse counselor. His mother Dorothy is an accountant.

Are Derek Jeter's parents married?

Yes they are. His mom is Caucasian and his dad is African-American.

How old are Derek Jeter's parents?

His mom is 62 as of 5/12/10. His dad I don't know.

How old are Derek Jeter's parents?

His mom is 62 as of 5/12/10. His dad I don't know.

Are derek hough and Mark Ballas best friends?

Definitely not. Derek lived with Mark and his parents in London since he was 12. They were raised together as brothers. Mark's parents are like a second set of parents for Derek and were his dance teachers. They are close. Mark is and has been dating Joanna Pacitti for some time. Derek was dating Shannon Elizabeth for over a year and broke up about a month ago. So He is "definitely" not gay because they lived as brothers and with Mark's parent's. What bearing could that possibly have on whether someone is gay or not? As for the dating, Many gay people carry on heterosexual relationships in the public eye for appearances. So let me answer this question for you. Only Derek and Mark (and possibly most of the people they have been intimate with) know whether they are gay or not. In addition; whoever posted this question: It's none of your business is it.