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According to Western PA Football's website that has information on high school football there is a list of players drafted in 2009. There are three players played for Pitt (College I know). LeSean McCoy, Scott McKillop, and LaRod Stephens-Howling.


Among those 2009 draft picks...

Pat McAfee played for Plum Senior High School and A.Q. Shipley played for Moon Area High School.

In addition Ty Law who I believe is a free agent currently came from Aliquippa. And Tyler Palko played for West Allegheny High School.

On the Steelers roster there is:

Charlie Batch from Homestead, PA.

Jason Capizzi from Gibsonia, PA.

A.Q. Shipley from Coraopolis, PA.

Ryan Mundy from Forest Hills, PA.

That's just to name a few.

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Brandon Marshal

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Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Joe Montana

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Q: Who are Current NFL players from Pennsylvania?
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