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Boston College's Football rivals are the Clemson.

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Q: Who are Boston College's football rivals?
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Who are the Boston bruins rivials?

the Boston bruin's worst rivals are the Montreal canatians

What are 5 colleges that have division one football teams and dressage teams?

the Boston eagles ducks gators longhorns Texas tech

Who are the Tennessee vols rivals?

The Volunteers rivals are:FloridaKentuckyVanderbiltAlabama (In football, this game is called "The Third Saturday in October")

Who is the Boston celtics Rivals?

LA Lakers Philadelphia 76ers also

What colleges in Boston are well known for psychology?

Harvard and Boston College

What year was the Boston United Football Club founded?

The Boston United Football Club was founded in the year of 1933, by supporters of Boston Football Club (Boston FC), after the latter company has liquidated.

Who are all the rivals of the Boston Bruins?

obvioussly the habs smarty pants lol

Who are Michigan State's biggest football rivals?

Michigan and Notre Dame

What city has the most colleges per square mile?

Boston, Massachusetts has the most colleges per square mile in the United States, with a large concentration of universities and colleges in the city.

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

Colleges that have wrestling and football?


Where can I find information about colleges in the Boston area?

Wikipedia has compiled a list of colleges in the metropolitan Boston area. The list is here: