Who after ronaldo in scoring?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Here are the top 5 players in the world:

1. C. Ronaldo

2. Messi

3. Ronaldinho

4. Torres

5. Kaka

I really hope this helped.

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Q: Who after ronaldo in scoring?
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Who holds the record for scoring in the most successive premiership games?

Cristiano ronaldo!

How many times has ronaldo played for man utd?

163 times scoring 66 goals.

How old is ronaldo compared to messi?

its a tie.Because both players are the best.Messi is build for dribbling and ronaldo is build for skills.Just because messi does incredible solos and amazaing pass dosent mean messi is the best.Ronaldo is build for skills not dribbiling.He also does solo.But he is a goal scoring machine.Messi cant score that much as ronaldo.Table below shooting: Cristiano Ronaldo curving:messi acuracy:Lionel Messi heading:Cristiano Ronaldo Skills:Cristiano Ronaldo Dribbiling:Lionel Messi Goal scoring machine:Cristiano Ronaldo ball control:Lionel Messi So its 5-5, a tie So dont Compare

Why are fast and skillful wingers able to create goal scoring opportunities?

The main two are Ryan giggs and christiano Ronaldo.

How many caps has Cristiano Ronaldo got for sporting Lisbon?

As of the 11th June Cristiano Ronaldo has played 57 times for Portugal scoring 21 times.

The best football player?

I think it is Ronaldo is the best at skills. Messi best at scoring. and in barclays preimer leauge it is vam persie.

Who is the leading goal scorer for the Brizilian national team?

Edison Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, holds the all-time goalscoring record for Brazil, scoring 77 goals in just 92 appearances between 1957 and 1971. The highest scoring current player is Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Ronaldo) with 62 goals from 97 caps.

Who is the highest scoring player at the world cup of all time?

It is the Brazilian Ronaldo with 15 goals. Gert Muller of West Germany has 14 goals.

Who has played for Barcelona Real Madrid AC Milan and Inter Milan?

Paolo Rossi for Italy in 1982 world cup game ended 3-2

How much money dose cristano ronaldo get each game?

Christiano Ronaldo does not get a salary for each game, but he gets a weekly salary of 100,000 pounds a week. That doesn't include extras; he also gets a certain amount for scoring and for an assisted goal.

Who is a good soccer player?

A good player is Cristiano Ronaldo he plays with Manchester united. He is very good at fooling at the other soccer players and score. He is always scoring. Go to youtube right now and put Cristiano ronaldo top ten goals and you will see some of his tricks.

Did lionl messi score an own goal in his carear?

NO. His rival Ronaldo succeeded in scoring his first own goal On 02/02/13 while playing for Real Madrid against Garanada.