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Q: Who achieved maximum runs in one day cricket?
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Who is the best crickter in the world?

Only a few would doubt the excellency of Sachin Tendulkar in cricket. He is the best cricketer of the world. He holds most records in cricket . These including maximum runs in both forms of cricket, maximum centuries in both forms of cricket. Not only this, he is the only player to score 200 runs in an innings in one-day cricket.

How many times 400 plus runs scored in ODI Cricket?

It has never been achieved in the international standard, but there may be provincial or other grades of cricket where 400 plus runs has been scored in One day international.

Which player has scored the most runs in a one-day cricket match?

The player who has scored the most runs in a one-day cricket match is Sachin Tendulkar.

What is the maximum number of overs permissible to bowl in a day of test cricket?


Who has hit the maximum sixes in one day international cricket?

shahid afradi

What is the least score of Indian cricket team?

The lowest score achieved by India in a Test match is 42 runs, in a June 1974 Test against England. They lost the match by a margin of an innings and 285 runs. The lowest score achieved by India in a One-Day International is 54 runs, achieved in the Coca-Cola Champions Trophy in 2000-01 against Sri Lanka. India lost the match by a margin of 245 runs.

How many runs has Sachin Tendulkar made in cricket history?

He has scored 34,357 in international cricket (15,921 runs in test cricket, 18,426 in one day internationals), 25,396 in first class cricket and 21,999 in list A cricket.

Which player has the world record maximum sixes in one day cricket?

Sanath Jayasooriya.

Ricky Ponting's total one day cricket runs?

12044 runs in 324 matches.

Which cricket team has won maximum consecutive one day matches?

Australia, 21 wins

How many times a ball can be changed in a one day cricket match?

maximum 2 times

Who has won the maximum number of man of the series award in one day cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

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