Who Was Knute Rockne's Parents?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Lars Knutson Rokne and Martha Pedersdatter Gjermo.

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Q: Who Was Knute Rockne's Parents?
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When was Knute Rocknes senior year as a player with Notre Dame?


What were the name of knute rocknes sisters?

Knute Rockne's four sisters were named Anna, Martha, Louise, and Florence.

Who were Knute Rockne's parents?

The name of Knute Rockne's mother is unknown. But his father's first name was Lars.

Does Knute Rockne have a grandpa?

Yes, unless his parents were created in some mysterious way.

What is the birth name of Knute Rockne?

Knute Rockne's birth name is Knute Kenneth Rockne.

What is the birth name of Knute Rahm?

Knute Rahm's birth name is Knute Olaf Rahm.

How many kids did Knute Rockne have?

Knute Rockne had 4 kids: Mary Jeanne, Knute Jr., Bill, and Jacke

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Knute Heldner was born in 1875.

When did Knute Heldner die?

Knute Heldner died in 1952.

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Knute Berger was born in 1953.

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