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Q: Who Sponsors Tennis Player David Ferrer?
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Is david ferrer a Jewish tennis player?

No, he's Spanish.

When was David Lewis - tennis player - born?

David Lewis - tennis player - was born on 1964-09-03.

What religion is David ferrer?

the religion of David Ferrer is Roman Catholic

When was David Ferrer born?

David Ferrer was born on 1982-04-02.

Who sponsors David howell?

He is a Cleveland Golf staff player, his other sponsors are Dunlop, Oceanico, Jaguar and Srixon.

Who are the world's top 5 male tennis players?

Rafael Nadalâ–¬ Roger Federerâ–¬ Novak Djokovicâ–² Andy Murrayâ–¼ David Ferrer

Who is the champion of Dubai tennis championship in 2009?

Novak Djokovic defeated David Ferrer in 2 sets, 7-5, 6-3.

How Old Is David Ferrer?

David Ferrer is 35 years old (born April 2, 1982).

Which country does David Ferrer represent?


Who is currently the best tennis player ?

Rafael Nadal is currently #1 male tennis player in the world. He recently defeated Roger Federer in the Australian Open 2009 finals. Serena Williams is currently #1 female tennis player in the world. She also took 1st place in the Australian Open 2009 after defeating Dinara Safina. In 2011 in 1st is Djokividc 2nd nadal 3rd murray 4th federer 5th David ferrer 6th soderling 7th tsonga and 8th Fish.

What country is David Nalbandian the best tennis player?

he isn't the best player roger federer is he is from Argentina

Who is the highest paid player in real salt lake?

david beckham is the highest paid player in the MLS he also earns millions from sponsors and advertising