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The player who plays the center for the Australian Netball team in 2008 is Natalie Von Bertouch, center is the wing attack or wing defence for the opponent.

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Q: Who Plays Center for the Australian Netball team 2008?
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Who is sharelle Mc mahon?

she is the 2008 Australian netball team captain. she usually plays GA and GS, but sometimes plays WA.

What is the name of the Australian Netball team?

As of the 8th of September 2008, "The Australian Netball Diamonds" or "The Diamonds". Previously, they did not have one.

How long has the Australian netball team been called the diamonds?

For 4 years. In 2008 the team adopted the nickname "Diamonds."

Who won the ANZ Championship in 1997?

Hey there!! The Anz Championship is a netball competition between 5 New Zealand netball teams and 5 Australian netball teams. This competition began in 2008. Therofre there was no winner in 1997. hope this helped you out : D

Is netball in the 2008 Olympics?

Netball is not in the Beijing Olympic Games.

Is netball in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

No netball is not an olympic sport so will not be played in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Who won netball World Cup 2008?

irene van dyk won the netball world cup for 2008

Who is the longest playing netball player?

Pat Pilkington aged 79 years 355 days old still plays competitive / social netball games on a weekly basis, she also coaches local netball teams. Submitted on the 29/01/2008.

Tom Williams Australian Idol 2008?

Tom came 10th in 2008 on the television show 'Australian Idol'. His full name is Thomas James Williams and he sings, plays piano and the drums.

Why is netball not been played on 2008 in the lympics?

It is not an olympic sport

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Who is the 2008 Australian of the Year?

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