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Sachin Tendulkar from India played most matches in world cup

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Q: Who Played highest Cricket Match in world cup?
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Which year was first world cup day night cricket match played?

In 1975 first world cup day night cricket match was played.

Who is the highest match winner captain in world cup cricket?

Ricky Ponting

When was first day night match played in cricket world cup?

Cricket World Cup 2007

In the cricket world cup which team has given the highest extras in one match?


Who was an Australian cricket player who played only one match in the 1996 cricket world cup?

The Australian player who played only one match in the 1996 cricket world cup was Craig McDermott. The match was held between Australia and Kenya on 23rd February in Vishakapatnam, India. Apparently, this was the last match which McDermott played in ODI cricket.

What is the highest score in a cricket world cup match?

India made highest score in world cup against Bermuda in 2007 413

What are the three main types of cricket played in the world?

There are limited over cricket, test match cricket and one day cricket

Which team scored the highest total in the cricket world cup 1992?

Sri Lanka scored the highest total in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. They scored 313 runs against Zimbabwe in the third match of 1992 Cricket World Cup.

Where was the 1975 Cricket World Cup Final played?

The final match of the 1975 Cricket World Cup was played in Lord's Cricket Ground, London, England on 21 June 1975.

Who had played maximum match in ICC cricket world cup?

SAchin Tendulkar

Who played in 2007 cricket world cup final?

The 2007 Cricket World Cup final was played between Australia and Sri Lanka. Australia won the match.

When Zimbabwe first played in World Cup cricket?

Zimbabwe first played in 1983 Cricket World Cup. Their first match was against Australia on June 9, 1983. Zimbabwe won the match by 13 runs.

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