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Q: Who Indian Cricketer holds the highest batting average in the First Twenty Twenty World Cup?
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Who is rahul?

RAHUL DRAVID is a Indian cricketer who has the highest strike rate.

Which Indian cricketer made highest number of double hundred?

Rahul Dravid

Which Indian cricketer holds the highest runs in odi match?

Sachin Tendulkar.

Who is highest wicket taker in one test match Indian cricketer?

ms dhoni

Which Indian cricketer has scored second highest runs in test cricket?

rahul dravid

Which Indian cricketer was highest run-getter in the 2002 edition of ICC Champions Trophy?

Virender Sehwag ( 271 runs )

When was Vijay Mehra - Indian cricketer - born?

Vijay Mehra - Indian cricketer - was born in 1938.

When did Vijay Mehra - Indian cricketer - die?

Vijay Mehra - Indian cricketer - died in 2006.

Who has the best average in test cricket?

Sir Donald Bradman has the highest career batting average in Test cricket. His batting average is 99.94

Who is known as the best cricketer in the world?

The best cricketer is the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Which Indian cricketer has taken the highest number of wickets?

Anil Kumble with 619 wickets in test match and 337 wickets in ODI.

How do you become a Indian team cricketer?

to become an Indian cricketer you need to be very bad at bowling and you need + .