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whos the most famous wnba

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Q: Who Are The Most Famous WNBA Players?
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Which college or university has the most players in the WNBA?


Why do most WNBA players become Lesbians?

The majority is heterosexual.

What are the wages of WNBA players?

wnba players make max.$30 million a year

What is a WNBA's players typical work day?

what do wnba players doon typical days

Who are the WNBA players with championship rings?

Which woman has the most championship rings

What are WNBA Player salaries 2007-2008 season?

What are the players wnba player by players salaries

What is Candace Parker famous for?

Being one of the best players in the Womens National Basketball Legue (WNBA)

Who are some famous WNBA coaches and players?

Mya Moore is a famous basketball player you should look her up she is awesome!

Who is the current president of the WNBA Players Association?

Donna Orender is the current president of the WNBA Players Association.

What is the WNBA?

The Women's National Basketball Association(WNBA) is the NBA for women basketball players

Why is Sheryl swoopes famous?

Because she was one of the better players in the WNBA and she helped lead the Houston Comets to win 4 straight championships.

What do WNBA players do?

They play basketball.

What wnba players are gay?


How many players are there in the WNBA?

There are 11 players on each of the 13 teams. 143 players total.

Is there a WNBA video game?

No, but in NBA Live 09 for Wii, you can play as 20 different WNBA players.

Who are the best players in the WNBA?

Candace Parker

Do WNBA players get championship rings?


Who are the oldest players in the WNBA?

Sue bird

How old do a WNBA player have to be?

There are no age restrictions for WNBA players, but to be eligible a player must have gone through a year of college.

How many Iowa Hawkeye players have played in the WNBA?

) ==

Do NBA and WNBA players saliaries difer?

YES!!!!!NBA players make a LOT MORE.

How many players in WNBA?

There are currently 11 players on each of the 13 teams. 143 total.

Womens basketball salaries?

For the 2008 season, the maximum salary for a WNBA player is $95,000. Most players make in the $40,000-$60,000 range.

Who are the most famous Uruguayan soccer players of 2010?

Two most famous players from Uruguay today are dingo Forlan and Luis Suarez.

Who are the most famous basket ball players?

Micheal Jordan and magic Johnson are famous basketball players