Who is Beth Phoenix?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Elizabeth Carolan nee Kocanski is better known by her ring name Beth Phoenix.

Born November 24,1980 in New York,New York she is a WWE Diva and a former Woman Champion. Beth begin wrestling after winning ringside tickets to a WWE show. Afterwards she relize that was what she was meant to do. In high school she joined the schools wrestling team and became the first and only female on the team. After finish high school Beth enrolled in a local training school where she was trained by the All Knighters. After she finish training Beth went on to work for many Indy places as she felt having a solid amateur background would help her reach her life dream or working for WWE. July 2004 Beth was signed up the WWE development al terriorty Ohio Valley Wrestling. On May 8,2006 made her Raw debut as a face attcking Mickie James. Her time was short live after being kicked in the jaw by Victoria which resulted in surgey which put her out over a year. Finally in July 9,2007 Beth made her in-ring return as a heel and quckily started a feud with than champ Candice Michelle. At Summerslam Beth won a chance to win the title but came up short. However at Mo Mercy she won the title. After winning the title Beth faced off against Candice one more time which resulted and Candice taking a risky top ring move and hurting herself after being knocked off by Beth. With Candice gone Beth begin a long feud with Mickie James which resulted in Mickie winning the title and Beth winning it back at Summerslam 2008. During this time Beth also adopted a on-screen relationship with Santino and had a short lived feud with Melina. After Summerslam Candcie Michelle made her return and tried to win the title back but ame up in a losing effort. Beth has since had few matches due to the Beth/Santino storyline.

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Q: Who is Beth Phoenix?
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