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Shaun McDonald currently does.

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Q: Who's worn number 84 for the Detroit Lions?
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Who wore jersey number 78 in the Detroit Lions team?

The two most noteworthy players to have worn number 78 for the Detroit Lions were defensive end Darris McCord (1955-67) and defensive tackle Doug English (1975-79, 1981-85). More recently, defensive lineman Cory Redding sported number 78 for the Lions from 2003-08.

What college football players have worn number 10?

anyone whos coach told them to

Who has worn number 10 for the Detroit Tigers?

Sparky Anderson

Who wore number 20 for Detroit Lions?

Three of the greatest players in Detroit Lions history have worn the number 20 -- Hall-of-Fame cornerback/kick returner Lem Barney (1967-77), Pro Bowl halfback Billy Sims (1980-84) and Hall-of-Fame running back Barry Sanders (1989-98). The number has been retired by the franchise.

Who wore number 25 for the Detroit Tigers?

the number 25 is currently worn by ryan raburn

Who has worn number 11 for Detroit Red Wings?

#11- Dan Cleary

Who has worn number 96 for the Detroit Red Wings?

it's thomas holmstrom

Who's worn 23 for the Detroit Tigers?

Number 23 is retired for Willie Horton. It was also worn by Kirk Gibson.

Which famous MLB players have worn number 23?

Kirk Gibson, Detroit Tigers

Who has worn number 14 for the Detroit Red wings?

Brendan Shanahan - 1996-2006

What famous NBA players have worn number 32?

Rip Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons wears number 32

What were the Philadelphia Eagles original uniform colors in 1933?

Kelly green, silver, and white. light blue and gold worn in 2007 game against Detroit lions.

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