Who' the best basketball team ever?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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UCLA college team under John Wooden in the '60s

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Q: Who' the best basketball team ever?
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Who was the best ncaa mens basketball team ever?

Kentucky's (UK) 1996 team was by far the best team to ever play the game.

What is the best college basketball team ever?

The North Carolina Tar Heels.

Who is the best mens college basketball team ever?

tDuke Blue Devils

Who is the best basketball team ever?

It depends on which team you like and which team you dislike. That is an opinionated question so answers may vary.

How do you get team streetball team and 1 on NBA 2k11?

You have to beat my player and retire as the best basketball player that ever played

Best high school basketball team ever?

1982 Dunbar Poets, Baltimore, Maryland

Who was the best ACC mens basketball team ever?

David Thompson hands down...check the stats

Has the Alabama basketball team ever been in the Final Four?

No. Their best showing was the Elite 8 in 2004.

Who is the best player in CCMS girls basketball?

in currytuck count middle school the best player ever in the team was Ashley ward

What was the first basketball team ever to play at the Olympics?

the first basketball team was the USA to win but who played

Has diggy ever been on a basketball team?


Who is the best basketball player ever in history?

Michael Jordan Was The Best To Ever Play The Game Of Basketball.