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It has not been decided yet. The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia and 2022 is going to be in Qatar. But no World Cups after that point have been decided as of yet. Also by the way there's not going to be a World Cup in 2032. There will be one in 2030 and 2034

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FOOTBALL doesnt have a world cup. That's soccer football has a Super Bowl!

It's football if you're anywhere else in the world but America! 2022 world cup is in Qatar.

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Q: Which year will the football world cup be held in Qatar?
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Where is the football World Cup being held this year?

This year it will be held in South Africa.

In which year next the football world cup is going to held?

The world cup is held every four years so the next tournament will be in 2014 after this year.

Which year was the first football world cup held?

The 1st World cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay. It was also won by the hosts

When was the last football world cup held in Germany?

Germany last held the world cup in the year 2006, that is not long ago.

In which country is the football world cup going to be held this year?

South Arica.

Which country hosted Asia cup football last year?


In which year world football cup was organised?

It was held in 1930 in Uruguay for the first time.

Which country won the 2000 world cup?

There was no football world cup in the year 2000 , it was held in the year 2002 in South Korea and Japan.

Who won the first World Cup football?

Uruguay won the first football world cup held in 1930.

Where will be the next football worldcup held?

The next world cup will be in Brazil in 2014.

What year is qatar having the Olympics?

Qatar is not scheduled to host an Olympic Games but was selected to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Who will host 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Nobody 2016 (and 2020 2024 etc) is an Olympic year Football World Cup is every 4 years and Olympics is every 4 years. They alternate every even-numbered year 2012 Olympics - London 2014 World Cup - Brazil 2016 Olympics - Rio de Janeiro 2018 World Cup - Russia and so on ...