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He didn't

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Q: Which year did Zola win the premiership with Chelsea?
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When did Chelsea win the premiership?

2005 and 2006.

Which years did Chelsea win the premiership?

1955 2005 2006 2010

Which four teams won the English Premiership in July 2005?

The Premiership winners lift the trophy in May, and only one team can win. Chelsea won the Premiership in the 2004/2005 season.

What year are Liverpool going to win the Premiership?

the year never

Wil Arsenal win the premiership next year?


When did collingwood win first premiership?

In the year of 1902.

Did the Melbourne renegades win a premiership?

Well It depends not last year but they have won a miner premiership

Yo do you think Chelsea will win nothing?

Chelsea will win something again this year, will it be a double?

What year did Melbourne demons win their first premiership?


What was the highest points total to win the premiership since it started in 1992?

Chelsea totaled 95 points in the 2004/2005 seasons

What year did collingwood win there first premiership?

Collingwood won the VFA premiership in 1896. It's first VFL/AFL premiership was in 1902.

Who will win the champions league this year?