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Steve Redgrave won his first Olympic gold medal in 1984 LA Olympics.

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Q: Which year did Steve redgrave win his first gold medal?
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When did Steve redgrave win his first gold medal?

Steve Redgrave's first Olympic gold medal was at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles in men's coxed fours.

In what year did steve redgrave win his first gold medal at the olympics?


In what year did Sir Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal?


Which sport did Steve Redgrave win his gold medal?


Who partnered Steve Redgrave when he won a Gold Medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics?


Can you name me a british gold olympic medal winner?

Steve redgrave 5 times olympic gold. record

How old was Steve Redgrave When He won his firt gold medal?

He won his first Olympic gold medal (men's coxed fours) at the age of 22 at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

Where did Steve Redgrave won his fifth gold medal?

Sir Steve Redgrave won his fifth Olympic Gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He was rowing with Tim Foster, James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent in the Coxless Four final.

What Olympic sport is Steve Redgrave best known for?

Steve Redgrave is a five-time Olympic gold medalist in the sport of rowing.

How many gold medals has Steve Redgrave got?


In which year did Steve redgrave win his first gold medal?

1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles ... he won gold in men's coxed fours rowing with teammates Andy Holmes, Martin Cross, Richard Budgett, and coxswain Adrian Ellison.

Which person has won the most gold medals for great Britain?

Steve Redgrave.

How many Olympics gold medals has sir Steve redgrave won?


Which british coxless four rower have five gold medals?

Steve Redgrave.

How many gold medals did the UK win in the 1996 Olympics?

There was only one gold medal won by the UK in the 1996 Olympics, that was by Matthew Pinsent and Steve Redgrave in the Rowing, Men's Coxless Pair

Which british rower won gold medals at five consecutive games?

Steve Redgrave.

How many gold medals has Sir Steve Redgrave won?

Sir Steven Redgrave has won 17 gold medals including the olympics, the commonwealth games and world championships!

When did Steve redgrave join the olympics?

Sir Steve Redgrave, as he is now known as he has been knighted, first entered the Olympics in 1984 and went onto win Gold Medals for five consecutive times. The 1984 Olympics were held in the American of Los Angeles.

How many gold medals has Steve redgrave won?

5, each from a different Olympic game.

When did Sir Steve redgrave find out he had diabetes?

1997, before his last Olympic gold in Sydney

Which Britain won 5 gold medals at 5 consecutive olympic games?

Steve Redgrave

Who is the most successful british Olympian and how many gold medals have they won?

Steve Redgrave (5).

Who won 5 consecutive gold medals for rowing in 2000?

STEVE REDGRAVE Redgrave won gold in 1984 in the Coxed Pair ... 1988, 1992, and 1996 in the Coxless Pair ... and 2000 in the Coxless Four.

Who is Steve Redgrave?

Steve Redgrave (born March 23, 1962 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire) is an English rower who won five gold medals at five successive Summer Olympic Games, between 1984 and 2000.

Which British athlete has won a gold medal in the Olympics?

Linford Christie, Sally Gunnell, Jonathan Edwards, Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Christine Ohurugu, Rebecca Adlington, and Kelly Holmes to name a few.