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Q: Which yard line on a football field is there just one of?
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What yard line is in the middle of a football field?

The 50 yard line.

What is something that is a yard long?

one hundredth of a football field from touchdown line to touchdown line. A yard stick is a yard long.

How many yard from side line to side line football field?

depends if the field is a high school of pro or college field

Is a football field a foot or a yard?


What is the size of a corner arc of a football field?

The corner arc has a radius of 1 yard with a center on the intersection of the goal line and the touch line.

How much feet does it take to get from the end line to the 50 yard line on a soccer field?

There is no 50 yard line on a soccer field. That would be the pointy football next door you're looking for. But, as a pure math problem, there are always 150 feet in 50 yards.

Distance for point after touchdown from the goal line in football?

The ball is placed at the 2 yard line in the NFL and the 3 yard line in college football.

What is the length of the coaches box on ncaa football field?

Fifty yards. It extends from 25-yard line to 25-yard line. (NCAA Rules and Interpretations: Rule 1.2.4a)

What idem can you mecure in yard?

A football field.

What is the width of the white line on a football field?

The infield lines are about three inches wide. The wider lines surrounding the field and end zones are a yard wide.

What is field position?

In football, field position is where the football is located in relation to the goal line. In other words, field position is where the offense will line up for the next play. For example, there is "good" field position for the offense after running the ball back on a kickoff, if they get past the 30 yard line. Field position is also important on attempted field goals. If the ball is close to the goal line and in the center of the field, that is considered good field position.

If a player runs from his 15-yard line to the other team's 45-yard line how far does he run?