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Pretty much all the divas are ticklish. Trish, Candice, Stacy, Maria, Gail, Jillian, Kelly are probably amongest the most ticklish. The only major exceptions to this are Jackie Gayda who's upper body isn't ticklish but her feet are. Lita is also not ticklish on any part of her body.

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Q: Which wrestling divas are ticklish
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What WWE divas are ticklish?


Which WWE Divas are the most ticklish?

Gail Kim

How do you get in to WWE Divas?

Well, you have to have a college thingy to go to wrestling.

How many WWE divas in all of the wrestling companys?


How old are all the wrestling divas?

they are from the ages of 21 and 37 about

Where might one find pictures of WWE Divas?

You can find pictures and images of WWE Divas online by visiting websites that have wrestling as there main focus. Images of WWE Divas can be found in wrestling magazines and other reference books that are available from all good bookshops.

Wwe divas real names?

Most of the Divas wrestling names are their real ones but if you want to learn their exact names just look for them at wikipedia

Is Maria Kanellis ticklish?

Maria Kanellis is extremely ticklish, she is sensitive everywhere, especially on her feet but mostly on her stomach and sides. When she is touched on her soft sides she squirms and laughs uncontrollably (in WWE practice). She has also said that one thing she doesn't like about having just a bra on is because someone can just come right up and touch her insanely ticklish body. Maria has also admitted that she is extremely ticklish, although she doesn't like being the most ticklish, she did enjoy wrestling practice. Maria Kanellis is sexy, but is found to be very ticklish all over. She was one or the most ticklish divas in the WWE.

Will kelly kelly win WWE divas title?

she probably wont cause she is not that good at wrestling

Who was the fist girl skateboard to do a 540?

It was Alecia Fluff she now does wrestling in WWE and she has the Divas Championship Belt

What happend to WWE Eve Torres?

Nothing, she's the World Wrestling Entertainment (wwe) divas champion.

Is wrestling a girls sport too?

Yes. At the Olympic Games, there are four weight classes for women in freestyle wrestling. Yes because if you watch wwe wrestling there are girl wrestlers too they are called divas.

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