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They would both hit at the exact same time; if you let them go at the exact same time.

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Assuming they were both dropped from the same point, the Baseball would hit the ground first.

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A brick because the lighter an object is then the less time it takes to hit anything.

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Q: Which would hit the ground first a tennis ball or a baseball?
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What ball would bouce higher tennis golf or baseball?


Is tennis older than baseball?

Tennis has a longer history than golf. The history of tennis, or variations of what would become tennis, dates back to the 12th century. Golf can be traced back to the 15th century.

What is a unassisted ground out in baseball?

In baseball, a ground out is an out in which a batter hits a ball on the ground and one of the Infielders catches it before it hits the ground and a ground out can also be an instance of a batter hitting a ball in which an Infielder fields a baseball and then throws to another Infielder in order to record an out as long as the batted baseball was hit on the ground.

What would land first if it was dropped from a plane a bowling ball or a tennis ball?

According to the laws of physics they would fall at the same rate and land at the same time. However, all variables are not the same. The lightness of the tennis ball would leave it more apt to be affected by winds aloft, including updrafts. Additionally, the fuzzy covering of the tennis ball would make it subject to more wind resistance than the bowling ball, thereby slowing it down more. They would still strike the ground very close together, but the bowling ball would be first.If, however, a bowling ball and a baseball were dropped from the plane, they would strike the ground more-or-less simultaneously.

If you saved all the skin you shed in one year would it weigh as much as a tennis ball or a baseball or a basketball?

Tennis ball

Will a baseball or basketball reach the ground first?

If dropped from the same height (a few meters), they would appear to hit the ground at the same time, according to the experiments of Galileo. However, this neglects air resistance on the basketball, which will slow it down more and cause it to hit the ground later (very slightly later). The baseball, which has a smaller area and therefore less air resistance, will hit the ground first.

Suppose a baseball and a marble are dropped at the time from the same height which ball would land first?

Discounting any friction with the air, they would both hit the ground at the same time.

Which ball will go higher a baseball a footballor tennis ball?

I would say tennisball because it has less mass inside it.

Where would a tennis game be played?

on a tennis court

If you hit a baseball or tennis ball will go further?

Because a baseball is smaller you could hit it farther. This is because with less surface area, there is less friction action on the ball. With less friction acting on the ball, it means less "stuff" is holding the ball back from traveling farther, the baseball can physical travel farther than a softball.

Can a tennis ball break a baseball bat similar to how a baseball would?

In general, yes, but the mass/volume ratios and the surface finishes are different, so the motion would be somewhat more or less pronounced.

What falls faster a tennis ball or soccer ball?

it would hit the ground if there was one to hit